Sunday, 21 December 2014

How as the training been going for the Jolly Holly Jog you might ask

I can say that the gym work is coming on nicely with the two work outs I am doing, one on

Thursday night after work which is cardio and my core workout on Sunday morning which

evolved a lot of squats. I have also paid for a full year gym membership for next year.

Training at Thirsk school with the running club on Wednesday night is very hard but I am

enjoying it and getting my fitness back. Thanks to Peter Hunt for some great circuit workouts

and Rob for the outdoor sessions around the school field and I am getting some good

feedback from other runners saying it nice to see you back running. I do try and get to

running club on Monday but the last two week the time changed so I chose to stay at home

instead and have my tea. I have only managed to run in the last 3 weeks just because I have

been so busy with gym, learning to drive and everything else I have done like two Christmas

dinners in two week but should be back on track for the next few week because I would like

to get under hours for the Jolly Holly Jog

Sunday, 23 November 2014

YAY I Can Start Running Again

I went to see the physio yesterday because I am still getting pain in my foot so apart from

falling asleep we had chat about my foot saying that was no damage to me foot no

overstretched ligaments or no damaged ligaments and all the bones are strong around the

ankle. So I can do some running now. So my first race back is the jolly holly jog on 28th Dec

and I have to carry on with my gym work. I just need to not do anything to irritate my foot

with any of the exercises from the running club to set me back.

Monday, 3 November 2014

My Trip to Liverpool and the Time Trial

I was meant to do the York marathon back in October, but because of my foot injury I didn't do it, so instead I went away for a few day to Liverpool. I stay in the YHA which was nice, but it could do with a lick of paint on the stairs and new carpet but overall the staff where friendly enough. I visit the docked areas which only a 5 min walk away from the YHA, I also went to the Beatles museum that is well worth a visit. I went on the ferry around the 3 ports which the view where fantastic. I also went up into the shops and spend my moneys and got 2 top from M&S. I also did 2 run around the docked areas near the YHA which was only 2miles each night.
I decide that because I wasn't getting much pain from my foot and can now manage to run 2 miles I decide to do the time trial on Wednesday night, which was good I set off at 1.45 ahead of all the slow runner and caught everyone up apart from Ken and still manage to be 15 second slow than I was in Feb when I was injury. Still not heard anything from the Phyois about my MRI scan

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Gym, Rest, Running, MRI Scan

I am back running on Monday and Wednesday night now that we are back at the school. We do more core on Monday night and bit of running which I can manage now as I am not getting as much pain from my foot after the hour training or the next day. I tried running in the sport hall after the circuit’s session on my first Wednesday back but I got too much pain in my foot afterwards and the following day. So the following Wednesday I tried running out side on the grass so much better so I will go outside and do as much as I can. I took the last week off in September from the gym as I thought I had over done and pulled something by going to heavy on all the upper body exercise. I thought the rest would do me good but when I went back last week and did my normal workout I struggled, so no more rest for me in the future. My aim is to try and do my gym work out twice a week and my core workout on Sunday but that will depend on if I am training for a race. I didn’t get in to the London marathon for 2015 never been lucky so I will do a different marathon next year depending on how quick my ankle gets better. I have been for my MRI scan at James Cook University Hospital Friday just gone my appointment was 5pm which made it a headache with using public transport which is not as straight forward as you may think, any way the scan itself lasted 40 min and it was so noisy, they lock my foot in so I couldn’t move it. I will find out in two week if there anything more serious wrong with my foot when I get the result back

Saturday, 23 August 2014

The third physio update

I went to the club on Monday because there was a committee meeting and I thought it was time I joined in the session for a change as I was a seeing a improvement in my foot and the extra core session would help me get back into running soon rather later. So I turned up at the club on Monday night, Rob took the session and we did a warm up, then did some core exercises then a running relay with a group of 4 where we ran to the cone and back and picked up the next person and then dropped them off as we came back down the pyramid we did this for about 10 minutes and then did some stretching down. It was good to get back to the club after so long I will be back on 2nd Sept when we are back at the school. I have also managed two gym sessions this week and a 6.45 miles bike ride on Friday after work. I am having a unplanned rest today and got a core zone class booked for tomorrow and abs express class on Monday dinner time.

I went to the physio on Friday 22nd of August. I had a chat with Chris about how my foot was and if I was still getting pain or not, I said I was so with slow progress on the foot he is sending me for a MRI scan to see if I done any other damage to my foot. I have to carry on with the gym stuff and to build my running and core up, I still need to do my physio exercises however boring they are getting. I also need to be careful what core exercises I do at the gym or running club as I don’t anymore pain in my foot by jumping on hard surface

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Second phyois update

 I went to see the phyios on Friday 8 th August about my foot injury. He asked how my foot had been over the last few weeks and I said it was ok since I was stretching it out further the only problem I have is my foot stiffens after doing the exercises, so he said because I was going to the gym and he could see an improvement in my glutes I could drop my exercises down to once a day rather than doing them twice a day and I was so happy with that decision. I got my xray results back and there no arthritis in my foot and it was all normal. So he asked about the gym and I told him what I was doing and he said that was fine and to carry on with the gym work until we get inside on Monday and Wednesday night to do the core work at the running club so should be back at the club in September. I have also got to stretch my calf out by standing on a step with the front of my foot on the step and the back of my foot off and stay in that position for 30sec and do it as many times as can manage

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Bored of the Gym now

After my first week at the gym and following my exercise plan I try to get to the gym 4 times a week on Monday Wednesday Friday after work and on Sunday morning before dinner. After two weeks I was getting bored of doing the same 6 exercises and didn’t help that I was doing jury service that same week and by Wednesday I was tried and sick of sitting about and was thinking I was over doing it at the gym and was going to have rest on Wednesday 16th from gym and doing my phyois exercise but I got home and did my phyois exercise and told myself to get a grip and go to the gym which I did but it took some motivating to get me to do my exercises. I got my ass kicked by Mike because I let it slip that I leaving the easy one to the end which is the calf raise and he made me put a extra 40kg on the machine which meant I was pushing 110kg in total, Mike also suggested to me to get a new work out programme as I was very bored of the one I was doing so I went in on the Saturday to see Ryan and asked a few questions about my programme and that I was now was I struggling with anything and said yes I said I could ditch the shoulder press and the answer to the question was no, Ryan said he will add extra exercises in so when I went in on Monday I picked my new training plan up I had 3 more upper body exercises and 1 more low body exercise and I am enjoying the gym now but got told off on Friday for talking too much by Ryan. Phyois next Friday so I should see whats wrong with the foot as I am still getting pain whenever I put pressure on it.