Monday, 11 May 2015

First Evening league race at Harrogate, Should be more organised

The day started with me getting half way into town to get picked up only to realise I hadn’t got my trainers in my bag and they were in my gym bag I made a emergency call to Andy to let him know what had happened and luckily I had 15 min to spare to get home and back to the post office to get pick up which I can say I made the bus in time, I also forgot to bring my watch so I don’t know my time until they update the evening league website.  With not doing any evening league race last year and I couldn’t remember which one it was until we got close, then the penny drop and I remember it was very tough and hilly course and very windy  in previous year I ran it in 64 min but I think I was slow this time around but was strong going up them very long hill with this only my second race since Christmas so 6 miles was going to be very hard  The course was mostly on tarmac with about miles off road with too many hills. I felt my gym work out is final paying off just need to either do a bit more running or add more cardio in to my gym work out. The food was the best part of the race and I like the fact we go chips   

Monday, 4 May 2015

The last 5 weeks

I took a few days off running over Easter so I could get on and dig my allotment over, get some plants put in, seeds sown. Then I had pink eye so there was no gym or running for a week but I was lucky to get the Easter handicap done before my break. I got back on the exercise within the last 2 week.

The last few weeks have seen me do another slow time at the time trial and left my training plan in tatters that I have been doing since the beginning of time and try something different like put some cardio in to my workout still needs a few tweaks here and there. In between all this training I have been doing overtime at work and learning to drive which has meant less running atm. I have booked in for Darlington 10k and the evening leagues start this week. I am also hoping to go to the bridge in Nov with the running club 

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Boxercise and no motivation mixed of the week

I don’t know what happened since Christmas I haven’t  done any races or any running and this week has been the worst week for not having any motivation and when I got to the gym I didn’t even want to do the boxercise class all I wanted to do was go home until was forced to do boxercise. We did a warm up to start,  then the two girls started to boxe whilst I waited for Mike’s instructions he told me to start running In a circle and there wasn’t much effort needed, then Mike started to run and told me to stop cutting the corner then guess what I ended up punching with Mike and he didn’t take easy on me at all and that was the now 20 min my wrists were starting to hurt me so I had to stop after every 3 or 4 punched because he has more power in his arms. So I was glad of a rest when we started to punch each other on the shoulder and knees. So my thoughts after Boxercise nothing really hurts until the next day, I was shaking and out of breath how I lasted 45 min I will never know. Did I thank Mike for that work out NO I  Bloody didn’t it was just as bad as the free PT session I got just after Christmas. After I calmed down I realised Mike took me out of my comfort zone and I didn’t know I worked that hard until I started to ache on Friday and still finding it hard to walk today, plus my wrists are really painful today especially the right wrist.

Friday, 27 March 2015

The last Four week and Thirsk 10 head Marshal

Over the last four weeks I haven’t done much running apart from going to the running club on a Monday and Wednesday night when we have been at the school, both Sonja and Peter have put us through our paces including the outside running on Wednesday. We went to Scarborough last week to do a training session on the beach and then for fish and chips afterwards, the service was very fast and the food was lovely. I have been doing my core workout twice a week and doing boxercise at least once a week but my allotment is calling me at the minute and I can’t do everything. I have been planning for the Thirsk 10 which was Sunday just gone in between doing everything else that life throws at you. Now you would have thought writing a marshal list is easy but think again it takes a lot of organizing and following different plans making sure you’ve got everyone’s name down and you haven’t missed anyone and then there is the writing and rewriting the list for the 100th time then theres printing out of all the marshalling stuff and sending emails to the race director to make sure we haven’t missed anything then there’s getting no sleep the night before because you are worrying about how things are going to go if I missed anything out well it’s too late now make note of the day so you don’t forget anything. Then will the day go to plan or not well apart from a few issues and bit more organising next year and it will be even better. We had 100% volunteers on the day which I was very happy with all the help and I didn’t have to chase anyone to get to their job done we had 1068 finish which was the most we have had     

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Be a devil and do both

Over the last 2 weeks I have been that busy with planning my sty stuff for the Thirsk 10 miles race in March, going to the gym after work, doing my driving lessons and not forgetting doing overtime at work. 

So the first week started with me going to the club on Monday night where Sonja put us through our paces with another brute workout, but I would not change for a run on the road. Tuesday is rest day. Wednesday was back to the club for Peter to put us through our paces with more abs and hamstring work, then outside for 4x4min intervals. Thursday saw me at the gym to do boxercise this time with Ryan where I got hit in the face by Lucy not playing fair, I did enjoy my first session with Ryan. Friday saw me back at the gym I tried spinning for the first time which is not for me. Saturday was another rest day due to me being tired. Sunday saw me run down to the gym as a warm up then I did my gym workout and ran back home I covered 4 miles my plan is to up to 6 miles by the end of Feb

My second week saw me at the running club on Monday night for another brute session with Sonja we did the same as last week. Tuesday was rest day. Wednesday saw me back at the club where peter was taking a week off due to us been at the athletics club because we couldn’t get the school just saw us do 6x3 min. Thursday was back at the gym where I got beat up by a girl at boxercise which was very unfair of Mike part as I was been honest in my last blog but the video was very funny. Friday saw me back at the gym after work to do my core session. No park run on Saturday due to overtime at work. Sunday saw me run down to the gym do my work out and run back home I cover 4.43 mile this week    

Sunday, 1 February 2015

My first week back on the exercise since my cold and sprained ankle

After having a cold and falling off my bike and sprained my ankles and ended up in A&E a few weeks ago I took the first week easy just because I was still getting pain from my ankle so this week is the first full week of been back at club and gym. So the week started off with Monday night been at the club which I had heard it was brutal the week before so I wasn’t looking forward to it as normal, but anyway I got there we did a 10 min warm up with some drills. Then we had a practice run with the tube and step up run just so we knew what we were doing, then it was 30secs on/30secs of x 5 min and the same with step up run which was already hard on the legs but even harder because Andy wouldn’t let me give up and kept on pushing me to do more but I was worry about my ankle. Then it was on to 4 station circuits for 5 min continuous which just killed me and I couldn’t walk for the next 5 days because my left calves were very tight. Tuesday night always a rest night which I was glad of this week . Wednesday I couldn’t make it to training as Ken was busy and was happy that I missed the time trial because my legs where hurting me still so I had a rest instead. Thursday night saw me back at the gym to do my workout or boxercise if there was space on the class. I asked Mike if there was space on the class and he said yes but he didn’t know if was going ahead yet as 5 people cancelled so he would let me know so I jump on the exercise bike for 10 min warm up and then started my normal workout. I only got 1 set of cable pull done on both side before Mike said yes that I could join the boxercise class. So the class consisted of 5 min warm up  20 min in total punching with the pads and 20min circuits and then cool down. My thoughts after the session was my left legs started to loosen up but arms were aching now need to work on my technical with my punching and holding the pad up but overall I liked the session. Friday night saw me back at the gym again but this time to do my work out. I took 3 of the core exercises out as not to much too much pressure on my ankle and to ease my way back in so I decided to do 20 kettlebell squats in between some of my sets so I didn’t get a rest as such just to mixed up. Saturday no park run as my friend wasn’t very well so I had a rest on Saturday no running again must get myself motivated again to get out at least once a week. Sunday morning saw me back at the gym doing my normal core exercise apart from the same that I took out the other day. So today I decide to 20 lunge between some of my sets and I also did 10 bench sit up in between my sets now everything is aching.

My gym work out

Friday 2nd Jan  
Gym work out 33kg lat pull down 1k on cross trainer 28kg hamstring curl 14kg shoulder press Squats bar 15kg X 20 rep X 5 set Tex Squats X 12 rep X X 4 sets Cable Pull 8.75kg X 15 rep X 4sets Squat Pull 8.75kg X 12 rep X 4 set 

Sunday 4th Jan  
My first Free PT session at Zone Fitness  on the Cross trainers – I start it off at level 5 for 5min and Ryan slow increase from level 5 to level 12 over the Leg press – Ryan set up with 40kg on each side and I did 3 set of 15 rep Chest press – Ryan set up at 21kg and I did 3 set of 15 rep Leg extension – Ryan set up at at 21kg to start with then increase to 28 on second and third set which I did 20 rep. Ryan made me do extra sets starting at 28kg down to 7kg 15 reps then 5 reps 15 reps 5 reps get the idea on each kg Shoulder press – Ryan set up at 21kg but I can only lift 14kg above my head so I did 3 set of 12 reps. Ryan made do extra sets starting with 14kg down to 7kg 12 reps on each kg on the Exercise bike – Ryan start it off at level 8 slow increase to level 14 for the last min so it was 1min fast above 100rmp and 30second rest keeping at 75rmp 

Thursday 8th Jan  
Gym work out 33kg lat pull  2k on cross trainer Leg extensions 28kg Seated row 26kg Squats bar 20kg X 20 rep X 5 set Tex Squats X 12 rep X 4 sets Cable Pull 8.75kg X 15 rep X 4sets Squat Pull 8.75kg X 12 rep X 4 set 

Friday 9th Jan 
Gym work out 33kg lat pull Exercise bike 7min 1min fast above 100rmp 30sec rest keeping at 75rmp Hamstring curl 28kg X 15 rep 3 set Chest press 1 set of 12 at 21kg 2 set of 12 at 14kg  Squats bar 1 set of 20 at 25kg 4 set of 20 at  20kg  Tex Squats X 12 rep X 4 sets Cable Pull 1 set of 15 at 11.75kg 3 set of 15 at  8.75kg  Squat Pull  8.75kg X 12 rep X 4 set 

Sunday 11th Jan   
My second free PT session  
Warm up – treadmill 10 min progression to level 6.5 speed, incline 15.0  
Leg extension – first set  20 reps 28kg second set 20rep 35kg,  third set 20reps 42kg,  3 sets  20reps each 49kg 
Squats ATG – 5x20 reps superset with leg extension  
Hamstring curl – first set 28kg, 20 reps second set 20 reps 35kg 3 sets of, 6 reps 42kg 3 sets  20reps 35kg 1 set 20reps 28kg 
Power bag jump squats – 3 set 10reps 10kg 
Kettlebell Dills – 3 sets  20reps 24kg 
Lunges 3 sets 10reps 10kg 
Punishment – 20 squats   
Leg press – progression weight first sets 20 reps 20kg second set 10 reps 40kg third set 10 reps 60kg  
Exercise bike – 10min level 15 – 20 speed 60-80rmp  

Sunday 25th Jan  
Cable pull 11.25kg 15x3 set Lat pull down 33kg 12x3 set Leg extension 28kg 12x6 set  Low row 26kg 12x3 set Chest press 21kg 12x3set Kettle bells squats 20kg 20x3set 

Thursday 29th Jan  

10 min warm up  
Cable pull 11.25kg 15x1 set  
Boxercise class  

Friday 30th Jan  
Cable pull 11.25kg x4 sets both sides 12 reps  Lat pull down 33kg x3 sets 12reps Leg extension 35kg x3 sets 12 reps 28kg x3 sets 12 reps Low row 26kg x3 sets 12 reps Chest press 21kg x3 set 12 reps Kettle bells squats 20kg x6 sets 20 reps