Monday, 14 July 2014

The first week back on the exercise

I got told off from the phyois last Friday I decided to join the gym on Friday night after work.

I was meant to have my induction on the Saturday morning at 11.30am but there was a mixed up as there was only one instructor in and he was doing a class. So I went on Sunday at 1.30pm to have my induction. My instructor ask me some question before show me which machines I would be using  as I need to strength my hamstrings, calves and glutes and I could do any upper body exercises, I was told how many sets I would be doing and that I would only get a 20sec rest between each set of 3.

 I have been at the gym 3 times including my induction, plus I have been doing my exercises from the phyios twice a day and even getting up at 6am to do them.  I have had very little pain in my foot this week and this is even doing a 5 and a  half mile bike ride today training plan will be added to the blog.

What i did at the Gym in the  first week

7th July Calf raise from 20kg to 30kg on each side Still struggling on the shoulder press Did 10 on these exercises hamstring curl 

10th July Leg press 30kg on each side Still struggling on the shoulder press Did  10 on these exercises 20 hamstring curl Leg press 20kg on each side and did 20 

13th July Hamstring curl 15 36kg x2 1x28kg Leg press 10 40kg Calf raise 60kg Lat pull down 33kg x3 chest press struggles to up the weight from 14kg Shoulders press 1x28kg 2x14kg 

Friday, 4 July 2014

Phyois update

I went to the physio this morning to see Chris and he asked how things were going, have I been doing my exercises I haven't done any running was the my answer to his question. I was struggling to do the exercises mentally and having time to do them. I have only done 2 runs this month since I went to the physio in June I did go on a bike ride last night only 5 miles and my foot hurt so he sent me to the Xray department this morning to see what is wrong with the foot. Chris thinks it is wear and tear and the fact that I land on my heel to toe and the fact my foot arch and the exercises will help in the long term but I might still get pain in my right foot. I also got told off in the nicest possible way for not doing my exercises. I also asked if I could join the gym as my motivation at home to do exercise is zero. So I joined the gym tonight which is Zone fitness got my induction tomorrow morning along with a training plan 

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Just a quick update on my Foot injury

I have been to see Jo at the physio department to see what is wrong with my foot and why I keep getting so much pain in my right foot, so after answering quite a few questions and walking up and down the hall 4 times. I walk on my arch to much so that is why I am getting pain in my right foot. So I am getting some new insoles for my trainers and I am getting some physio on my glutes to make them strong so that I can get back running. I have since cancelled my marathon for this year as I don’t think I will get enough training in before the marathon in October. I have been put on enforced rest from running or any exercise until I been to see the physiotherapist in June the only thing is I ran since February and has been getting better but it is slow progress so I am doing some exercises and some running on Monday night and doing some jogging on Wednesday night or until my foot starts hurting me.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

The last month

What can I say about the month I have been to the running club training both on Monday and Wednesday nights but still no running through the week until I have had physiotherapy on 8th may to see what is wrong with the foot/ankle. I have been managing the full session on Monday night because it is a mix of core work and running and I have enjoyed doing something rather than nothing. I did change some of the leg or foot exercises to something like abs or something that wouldn’t give me pain in my foot the next day my foot hurt for 2 days after this Monday night session which was all running. The first part of Wednesday night sessions have been a very hard circuits session no thanks to Peter Hunt maybe the fact that I couldn’t walk for 2 days afterward must have meant I worked hard for a change. I did take part in the second part of the session until my foot starting hurting me. It been so frustrating that I can’t do much in the way of running and will I be injury free for my marathon at the end. i hope I can run the first of the evening league on Thursday night. 

Monday, 14 April 2014

YHA holiday in Scarborough

The last time I went away was in 2008 and that was aboard on my own and a part from me doing the London marathon 3 times and stopping at the YHA twice and Hostel World  the third time. I was in London you can’t call running a marathon and having holiday in the same weekend. So this is why I was looking forward to going away to Scarborough  for a few days it was all last minute but I paid to become a life member of the YHA. I went on Thursday dinner time on the train which I also booked in advance and got it much cheaper. Anyway I got to Scarborough about 2.30pm and the hostel didn't open until 5 pm so I thought I'd would have a wonder around Scarborough so I went for a walk along the seafront and up into the shops which my first impression was that there wasn't much to do or see so I thought what am I going to do or where am I going to go whilst I was in Scarborough for 4days. When it got to 4pm I went to get some food from Tesco and had a walk along the seafront to the hostel which took me over hour and half I couldn’t believe how far it was I didn't remember it taking me that long the last time I stayed at YHA in Scarborough but anyway I got there around 5.30pm and the hostel was quiet, there was a one family and one other person from Holland in the hostel. I got shown where the kitchen was and which room I would be staying in. I said hello to the other chap that was staying in the bedroom and had a chat with him before going back downstairs to do my dinner. Then the family came and sat, chat about different stuff for few hours and then it was to bed where the room was very hot I didn’t get much sleep. Friday I was awake around 8.30am quick look on Facebook on my phone and then I had a shower and it was down to make my porridge and have a cuppa and then get washed up and sort where to go out sightseeing. I went for a walk along the cliff top and ended up at Scarborough castle for a few hours having a look around the ruins and taking some lovely misty photos of the view from the castle then I had a drink and biscuit in the cafe which cost an arm and leg and then it was to Greggs for some dinner and my free cup of tea. I then went to Tesco to get a few more bits and then I had a walk along the seafront back to the hostel. There was another family and wedding party booked in whilst I was having my dinner again it was very quiet. I was trying to decide what to do on Saturday do I go to Whitby or do I go to the dinosaur museum at South bay. I got up on the Saturday morning still not decided what to do and Ellies even drawn me a map of how to get to the bus stop so I didn’t have to walk into town for the bus to Whitby. I set off not knowing what I was going to do and I decided not to go to Whitby. So to start my day off I had a walk around the cliff at north bay got some photos of the view then I decided to get the seafront bus to the south bay as me legs were killing me from all this walking I have done in the past 2 days, it was only £2 and you could use the same ticket for the return journey back to north bay. I got off at the south bay went to find the dinosaur museum and then changed my mind and instead I had a walk around the garden at south bay which took a few hours and then it was off to put a bet on the grand national to get cuppa from Greggs and get some fish and chips from the one of the chippies along the seafront which were very nice. I went for a walk along the harbour to get some more photos of the views from different angles. I then went to arcade and had a go on the 2p machine and won a few things then it was a walk to Greggs for a cuppa while I waited for the grand national to start which I didn’t win and I walked to Tesco to get something for my dinner and then I waited for seafront bus back to north bay and walked the rest of the way back to the hostel. There were a few more people in the hostel and we had another 2 people in the room I was staying in that didn’t really same anything. Then it was time to pack on Saturday ready to go home on Sunday but because I didn’t bring much it didn't take me long and I went downstairs and read my book and played on my kindle. I got in plenty of time had to be out of my room by 10am but I didn’t leave the hostel until 11am then with it been a nice day I had a walk along the seafront which took me about hour it started to rain but it turned into nowt much really I then went into Greggs for my final cuppa before going to Tesco for yogurt and then to train station and back home. Now what did I learn about my holiday away glad it didn't rain as I only had the one pair jean and nothing dry to change in to if my clothes got wet. Second I could of saved some money and took the food I had in the flat rather than buy once I got to Scarborough, I mean cupboard stuff not fridge or freezer stuff so I think more forward planning next time lesson learnt. Did I enjoy going back to basics the answer was YES I know I had my phone with me but the signal at the hostel was rubbish and I could only pick free WIFI in Greggs there was no computer or TV at the hostel I didn’t missed the TV or been on the computer all the time. Elise and Rob where very friendly, chatty and helpful even if you couldn’t figure out to use the gas cooker would I go back to Scarborough YHA again YES I would because I enjoyed my break and loved the log burner.   

Last two week

I have been going to the club on a Monday and Wednesday night just to do the exercises because of my bad ankle and not been doing much running because every time I run my ankle hurts the next day. The two Monday night training session are getting harder doing all these supersets and paired up with another person to try and keep up with each other. Some of the leg exercises such as squats or the burpees I changed did something that wouldn’t make ankle worse the following day. The first Wednesday was the time trial and again we just did a warm up and one circuits and then it was down to Tesco where I helped with the time keeping again on very wet night, we set them all off and then I opted to sit in Rob's pick up to try and stay dry and keep the sheets as dry as possible but that didn’t work and it was wet through buy the time I finished put everyone position on the page. How Steve managed to read it was beyond me but I think there was only one mistake which wasn't bad considering the weather and there was only me and Steve but we work as team. Then the following Wednesday Peter Hunt was asked by Rob to take the session which was very simple to Greg session he took earlier on in the winter we did the warm up then I happened to be talking to Fran which meant no slacking tonight so we just got on did the warm up the exercise were quite hard more like army training. I opted to stay inside as my ankle was getting better and didn’t want to overdo it outside so I just did Paul's session inside missing out the last two 30sec at the end. No more running to blog about as I was going away to Scarborough for a few day and decide to rest from running  

Monday, 24 March 2014

The Sport Relief Walk around Osmotherly

I went to the running club on Monday to do a few more of the good old exercise whilst I can’t run, my foot was hurting me so I modified a few so it was less painful on my ankle. We did a warm up as usual with a few different exercises, then we did 20 min of continious exercise which included squats, press ups and mountain climb. And we also had to do a different exercise on bench when it was our turn. I thought OMG my legs are going to be killing me the next day but they weren’t. Tuesday was a rest day. Wednesday came and it was back to the club for just the circuit training as my ankle was hurting me after walking for 2 days as I had a puncture again in my foot wheel well I again modfiled some of the exercises so it was less painful on my ankle. No running just resting my ankle and watching the second half of the session. Then it was the last Thirsk 10 meeting before the race on Sunday just to finalise everything. Rest Thursday no pub on Friday as I had a busy weekend with a walk planned on Saturday and the Thirsk 10 race on Sunday. I got up early to get my jobs done before I had to be at the BT depot on Darlington Road at 9am to get a lift to Osmotherly where we did a 6.6miles challenging walk that my supervisor Paul had planned for us. The uphill here a killer and the downhill were just as bad we all enjoyed ourselves and raised some money for Sports Relief. My legs where killing me and I was knackered and just had a rest last night I will put a map up and few photos of which bit we walked. So after months of planning the big day was here and no I wasn't running I was head marshal at the Thirsk 10 miles race where everything went like clockwork and everyone, the day included the runners and the sun was out and the rest was history.