Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Mike loved squats to much

I had my second PT session at Zone Fitness today and guess what I was 10 min late again because I left too late to do my job because I was still half asleep and on Facebook. I got to the Gym and sorted my stuff out then Mike decided to give me some rules about today session no bitching, no moaning, if I say lower and I mean low. I wonder how long the rules last about minutes I started to moan when Mike decided to do the warm up on the dreadmill he told me to shut up we are only doing 10min and its only walking, all I did for the full work out was moan and bitch about the work out and saying that I can’t lift this weight did think at one point I was going to give up and go home that how hard the session was, Mike got sick of me moaning, sitting down or not moving fast enough so he punished me not once but twice with 10 squats to do both time. My legs were like jelly and were shaking too much toward the end of the session

MY second free PT session

Warm up – treadmill 10 min progression to level 6.5 speed, incline 15.0

Leg extension – first set  20 reps 28kg second set 20rep 35kg,  third set 20reps 42kg,  3 sets  20reps each 49kg

Squats ATG – 5x20 reps superset with leg extension

Hamstring curl – first set 28kg, 20 reps second set 20 reps 35kg 3 sets of, 6 reps 42kg 3 sets  20reps 35kg 1 set 20reps 28kg

Power bag jump squats – 3 set 10reps 10kg

Kettlebell Dills – 3 sets  20reps 24kg

Lunges 3 sets 10reps 10kg

Punishment – 20 squats 

Leg press – progression weight first sets 20 reps 20kg second set 10 reps 40kg third set 10 reps 60kg on each side

Exercise bike – 10min level 15 – 20 speed 60-80rmp

I thought that Mike would take it easy on me with it been my first ever PT session but how wrong was I that was the hardest ever session I have done for long time its level pegging with training and running a marathon. I know I said awhile back that I want my PT session with Mike because I enjoy his sessions but after todays PT session I have gone off Mike and much rather have my PT session with Ryan because it was easy and I enjoyed the session. I was going to pay for some PT sessions but after today session I have since change my mind  

First parkrun at Fountain abbey

I was up nice and early this morning got my little job out of the way then I got sorted for the park run because Jenny was coming to pick me up at 8.15am. I didn’t know which one I was going to do as Jenny was going to make a decision. She choose Fountain Abbey near Ripon, we got there for 8.45am I got changed went to the toilet and left my bag in the out building near the start they did the health and safety brief and then the race started, which was one small loop and then and long loop around the abbey and the lake up a big hill which I can say I ran both laps without walking  up any hill the only bit where I slowed down  was when I crossed the wood bridge near to the end of the second lap, I had a nice strong finish even though I said I was going to have a jog but it turned out to be a race against myself and I kept my pace at 9.35min per mile I wanted to try and get under 30min which I managed on my first park run all the gym work must be paying off 

Monday, 5 January 2015

Ryan beast me at zone fitness

I set my alarm for 8 am so I was up early and to get my mind set for this PT session but
when I woke up this morning I had different idea turn my alarm off and went back to sleep
and didn’t wake up until 9.30am which didn’t give me long to have my breakfast a cuppa
and get sorted to get down to the gym for 11am. Which by the time I had finish debating with
myself I was 5 min late and then by the time I got sorted I was 10 min late starting my PT
session just before that Ryan did give me the chance to do my workout and I opted for my
PT session just to get it out of the way so here goes with what I did

15 min on the Cross trainers – I start it off at level 5 for 5min and Ryan slowly increased from
level 5 to level 12 over the 15 min

Leg press – Ryan set up with 40kg on each side and I did 3 set of 15 rep
Chest press – Ryan set up at 21kg and I did 3 set of 15 rep

Leg extension – Ryan set up at at 21kg to start with then increase to 28 on second and third
set which I did 20 rep. Ryan made me do extra sets starting at 28kg down to 7kg 15 reps
then 5 reps 15 reps 5 reps get the idea on each kg

Shoulder press – Ryan set up at 21kg but I can only lift 14kg above my head so I did 3 set of
12 reps. Ryan made do extra sets starting with 14kg down to 7kg 12 reps on each kg

15 min on the Exercise bike – Ryan started it off at level 8 slowly increasing to level 14 for
the last min so it was 1min fast above 100rmp and 30second rest keep it at 75rmp

I nearly gave up twice and Ryan told me if I gave up again I would be out of the gym and the
PT session would be over I was only 20 min in the session. I did keep saying Ryan through
out the session are you for real, this is killing me he just told me mind over matter and to
move faster between the exercise because I move very slow. I can tell you that I didn’t enjoy
the PT session at all whilst I was doing it but after I finish I felt good for be beast by Ryan
and I learn one thing not to give up and to give myself more credit. It Mike turn next week to
beast me for my second free PT session. I feel like I have ran a marathon my body aches so
much and I got club session tomorrow night

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

The Jolly Holly Jog

I got up early on Sunday morning to get myself to Thirsk so I could get picked up to go to the Jolly Holly jog at Ripon. I got down to the Crown and Anchor carpark and I was first to turn up for a change then Hillary turned up and few min later John, Nicky, Liz and Leanne the only other person we were waiting for was Becky who was late we waited 10 min before we all decided to leave. We got to Ripon about 10.20 am. Which didn’t give me much time to think I didn’t want to do the race but just enough time to get ready get my number and chip and to get to the start. It was a very cold morning so I had my base line on a t-shirt and my vest. The race started and within the first few minutes I got warmed up. It was 2 minutes before I crossed the line and then there was a bottleneck as we ran out of the field but it soon spread out we left the field and went down this icy lane which was bad in places and I ran on the grass verge, we headed up some more hills over the grass, slipping about on the mud going through the wood around lake, up more hills which was a different course to the first time I did this race which was in 2006 by the 5th mile I started to slow down and my legs were shot I was happy when I finished. I enjoyed my first race back after been injured since Feb and I just treated it as a training run and didn’t even bring my watch as I forgot to pick it up and put in my bag and left it on sofa. 

Monday, 29 December 2014

My gym membership

I pay for a full year membership at my local gym and this is what i got to look forward to this year.

Sunday, 21 December 2014

How as the training been going for the Jolly Holly Jog you might ask

I can say that the gym work is coming on nicely with the two work outs I am doing, one on

Thursday night after work which is cardio and my core workout on Sunday morning which

evolved a lot of squats. I have also paid for a full year gym membership for next year.

Training at Thirsk school with the running club on Wednesday night is very hard but I am

enjoying it and getting my fitness back. Thanks to Peter Hunt for some great circuit workouts

and Rob for the outdoor sessions around the school field and I am getting some good

feedback from other runners saying it nice to see you back running. I do try and get to

running club on Monday but the last two week the time changed so I chose to stay at home

instead and have my tea. I have only managed to run in the last 3 weeks just because I have

been so busy with gym, learning to drive and everything else I have done like two Christmas

dinners in two week but should be back on track for the next few week because I would like

to get under hours for the Jolly Holly Jog

Sunday, 23 November 2014

YAY I Can Start Running Again

I went to see the physio yesterday because I am still getting pain in my foot so apart from

falling asleep we had chat about my foot saying that was no damage to me foot no

overstretched ligaments or no damaged ligaments and all the bones are strong around the

ankle. So I can do some running now. So my first race back is the jolly holly jog on 28th Dec

and I have to carry on with my gym work. I just need to not do anything to irritate my foot

with any of the exercises from the running club to set me back.